COVID-19 Update


At the start of the ‘lockdown’ we advised you of the government guidelines with regard to your cleaning and we now have an update on those guidelines.

The government is advising all cleaners can return to work from this week. This is dependent on the following social distancing guidelines being followed:

  1. No work should be carried out in a household where people are isolating or where an individual is being shielded.
  2. The cleaners can continue work, providing that they are well and have no symptoms. No work should be carried out by a cleaner who has coronavirus symptoms, however mild, or when someone in their own household has symptoms.
  3. No work should be carried out in a household where any occupants have any symptoms of Coronavirus.
  4. Whilst in the house. a cleaner should maintain a safe distance of at least two metres from any household occupant at all times, and ensure good ventilation in the area where they are working, including opening the window.
  5. Upon entering the home, cleaners should wash their hands using soap and water for 20 seconds.
  6. Cleaners should wash their hands regularly, particularly after blowing their nose, sneezing or coughing, and when leaving the property.

The good news with regard to cleaning is that the cleaners can social distance from their clients very easily, and we would advise that, if you are at home when they are there, that you remain in a separate room to your cleaner.

If you are happy to adhere to the government guidelines - and if your cleaner has not been in touch already - then please just call your local office and we will ensure that your cleaning starts again as soon as you are ready.

Best regards

The Cleanhome Team

Because there are more important things in life

Your testimonials:

  • Very happy with the cleaner you have found for us - she is very willing and works very quickly so will fill up the time with 'extra' jobs. - Mrs W, Newport
  • We are delighted with Belinda. She's doing a great job for us! - Mr and Mrs C, Newcastle under Lyme
  • I can honestly say that seeing your home sparkle is a wonderful feeling, so thank you clearhome Norwich for giving me a part of my life back. - Mrs W, Norwich
  • Pammi is industrious and has produced some excellent work for me. As she left the flat, she called back 'See you next week’. I was very pleased to hear that! - Mr D, Stafford
  • We are very happy with the service Rebecca has provided. She came round and was able to identify very quickly how much cleaning our home would need - Miss H - Norwich
  • We were happy with Sylwia who did great work today. She made good choices about what to prioritise. Thank you for the introduction. - Mr L – Hethersett
  • We were so pleased to come to a lovely clean and fresh house. I was also very pleasantly surprised with how much she managed to get done too in 3.5 hours. - Mr and Mrs T, Newcastle Under Lyme
  • A first rate service, and really pleased with the thorough job Mandy did. The place looks and feels so much better. - Mrs W, Lower Hartlip
  • Katie is doing fine, I think we would put a new pin to shame! - Mr S - Flackwell Heath
  • Kindi was great - she turned up on time, had a clear idea of how to tackle it and did a great job. - Mr K - Norwich
  • We are pleased with the service offered. - Mr & Mrs L, Trentham
  • The Cleanhome service is extremely understanding and found me an amazing cleaner! I would highly recommend them! - Miss B - Cardiff
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